Blind spots can be one of those things that you might forget to check, but did you know how important it is to check your blind spots?
So what are blind spots?
A blind spot is an areas that cannot be seen when you are looking ahead or when you’re checking your mirrors. The main blind spot areas are:
  • Between what you see straight ahead and what you see in your exterior mirror
  • The area obscured by the bodywork of your vehicle when you look in your mirrors 


What to do when moving off?
  • Make sure you check your mirrors to see what is happening around you, then loom over your right shoulder before you move off. 
  • Some vehicles have ‘assistive technology’ such as reverse-assist alarms. These devices help reduce blind spots, but they won’t remove them entirely. Always use your mirrors and glance over your shoulder before you commit to any decisions. 
While driving
When driving be careful to not look around to check for blind spots as this could take your focus away from the road in front of you.
Use your mirrors to check what is happening behind you.
When making certain manoueves you should check your blind spots, these would be:
  • Changing lanes
  • Joining a motorway or dual carriageway
  • when traffic is merging from, the left or the right
when pulling out of junctions it is very important to make sure that you always double check your blond spots, that way you are aware of cars around you and other vehicles are aware on you on the roads. Also be sure to look at for children as you might not be able to see them when when doing your blind spot checks. If you are unsure get out of your car to check.