The NEW Girls Drive Better App for your smartphone is available for both Apple iOS and Android. It works in tandem with our telematics black box that is fitted to your car when you take out a telematics policy with us.

The App monitors your driving behaviour, including speed, braking, acceleration, cornering, quick changes in direction, type of road, time of day and total miles travelled. It gives simple readings and alerts to you, to tell you when your driving is good or bad. It can also tell you where your car is located should you need reminding where exactly you parked it!

The black box in your car monitors your driving in the same way as the app, and if it detects aggressive acceleration, braking, cornering or excessive speed etc. an alert is sent to us so we can keep track of how you’re doing. It will also send us an alert if it detects you’ve been in a crash – so we can help you straight away.

Take out a telematics policy with us now, download the app and discover how easy it is for you to save money whilst staying safe.

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