How does the Driving School Referral Scheme work?

You refer your pupils to us for a quote and for every policy taken out as a result of your referral, you will receive £45 commission! It is as simple as that. All you need to do is register! You can do this either over the phone or by completing the registration form below. If you would like a member of our team to contact you, you can fill out our contact request form below instead and we will try and contact you at the specified time.

How can it benefit you?

  • You will receive £45 for every policy taken out as a result of your referral
  • There is no limit to how many pupils you can refer.
  • Piece of mind knowing that you are referring your pupils to an insurer that will offer competitive prices and provide excellent customer service.
  • Our little black boxes encourage and promote safer driving. We will even give policy holders a call if their driving is a cause for concern to help them understand where they are driving dangerously and to prevent the formation of bad habits and unsafe driving.

How can it benefit your pupils?

  • We can offer competitively priced premiums for young and/or new drivers with telematics insurance.
  • Every policy we provide comes with Full UK & EU vehicle breakdown and motor legal expenses as standard.
  • A friendly, UK-based call centre is available to help with any queries or mid-term adjustments.


When providing a quote or selling a policy we will always ask our customers ‘where did you hear about us?’. This is where your pupils will have the opportunity to name you. Your name will be uploaded onto our system as soon as you register so you can get referring straight away!

You will be sent a monthly bordereaux via email stating the amount of successful referrals along with the total amount that will be deposited into you account. If you do not receive a bordereaux then you will have not received any referrals that month.

When you decide to participate in the scheme you will be asked to fill out a registration form (below). On this form you will be required to disclose your account number and sort code. This information will subsequently allow us to deposit the amount due into your account via BACS transfer preceding your monthly bordereaux.

The referral fees will be deposited into your account within 14 days of receipt of your monthly bordereau via BACS transfer.

When you complete the registration form to participate in the referral scheme, your name will be put onto the system so that all your pupils will need to remember is your name. Hopefully resulting in more referrals for you!

For our Driving School Referral Scheme you don’t need to be insured with us. Although we would love to have you on board!

If you ever have any questions, there will always be someone who can help here at girls drive better.

To email:

Or if you would like to speak to someone call 0333 366 0052

That’s easy… £45 commission for every pupil you refer!

If a pupil takes out a policy upon your referral but decides to cancel their policy within 14 days of inception, you will not receive the commission for that policy. Your monthly bordereaux will be sent to you after this period of time so we will never take money back off you. If a pupil you refer cancels their policy after 14 days of taking their policy out, you will still receive commission for that policy.

To register for the Driving School Referral Scheme, please enter your details in the form below.

If you would like to register over the phone, please let us know when the best time to contact you is using the contact request form or alternatively you can call us on 0333 366 0052.


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