So how long do you have to wait to drive after you have drank alcohol? Tricky question, some people guess and some people believe myths about waiting one hour after each drink. We are here to tell you exactly how long you have to wait before you can drive again.

Research by road safety charity Brake found that one in five drivers admit to driving the morning after they drank a lot the night before!

If you are hungover do not attempt to drive. Even if the alcohol has left your system, if you don’t feel well don’t drive unless needed.

Many people are getting into there cars the next morning and not knowing that they are still over the legal limit! 

If you’re thinking about driving the morning after you’ve been drinking, it’s best to consider how much you had, and how late into the night it was before you finished your last drink.

Whether it’s okay to drive the next morning depends on how much you’ve drunk – and if you’ve left enough time for your system to get rid of the alcohol. 

If you are still unsure use this calculator to find out if you can drive or not. If you still don’t know do NOT risk it!