Keeping your car and the contents of your car safe is becoming more demanding, with thieves evolving with new ways to commit car crimes. But dont worry, we have come out with some tips for protecting your car and it’s contents.
Whether it’s your beloved car itself or the valuables within it, your car is as much a target for thieves as it ever was.
If you are leaving your car it is important to leave it in a safe area. Try and leave it in a well lit area even in the daylight.
If you’re parking on your driveway or in a car park, make sure you park as close as possible to your home or another occupied building
Also try to park it somewhere where you can easily see your car and around other cars, thieves tend to target cars that are parked alone. 
Also double check that your car is locked! Lock your car and try opening the door to check it is securely locked before leaving.
Most modern cars have have an anti lock system but it’s worth checking 
Hide you contents:
This may seem obvious but so many people forget to do it. Items like Satnav’s are the most obvious gadget that gets left on display. But other items include Mobile phones, wallets, cash and handbags. 
If you have an item that is of value to you and you have hate to lose take it with you and don’t leave it in the car. If you cannot take these items with you hide them. Hide them in the boot of the car, under the seat or within one the the car’s compartments. 
Also don’t leave your windows open, no matter how little the gap is.