Gadgets have become rather pricey and the last thing we want is for our gadgets to get damaged, lost or stolen. So we have come up with some ways on how to keep your gadgets safe at all times.


Gadget Insurance

This is a must! Especially on your more expensive gadgets like smartphones, laptops and tablets. Not only are these items expensive they can contain personal details like banking details that you want to keep safe. Get a Gadget Insurance quote from us today by clicking here!


It is important that you protect your gadgets from scratches and drops. We know how easy it is to accidentally drop your gadget so don’t worry! If you have a smartphones and tablets you can buy a protective case and screen protector, you can get these really cheap on ebay!

For gadgets like Camera’s you can buy a case/bag to store it in, this way it is easier to travel with your camera!

Also for laptops you can purchase laptop bags and cases to stop them from getting scratches.

Pass code

Pretty straight forward, make sure you have a pass code/password to get into your gadgets!


You should update your gadgets operating system every time it notifies you. This is a basic security measure, as the updated systems eliminate the risk of detected vulnerabilities causing harm to your devices.