So the festival season is soon approaching! If you are planning on taking your phone with you we have some must read tips on how to keep your phone safe! 
There’s nothing worse than the thought of losing your phone, especially at a festival packed full of people! … Nightmare!
If you have one of the latest smartphones the best idea would be to leave it at home! Why not buy a cheap pay as you go phone. This way you can make sure you can get in contact with family and friends without having the fear of losing your smartphone!
If you do bring a smartphone make sure that your put a lock on it so no one but you can get into it!
Some festivals have secure places where you can store luggage, including your mobile phone!
Make sure you write down your IMEI number, this way if your phone does get stolen or gets lost the police cab identify if your phone is being used and can also block it.
Overall, just be extra safe with your phone. Don’t put it in a back pocket where it can fall out, and keep it zipped up somewhere. You can purchase little bags like bum bags so you can keep your phone in there and you know its close to you at all times! 
And finally Get your phone Insured! You can get cover with us, Click here to find out more!