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What is telematics?

Very simply, telematics means sending computer based information over long distances. We use telematics technology to help you save money.

What is the telematics box?

The telematics box is the box that we install in your car. Also known as a ‘black box’, this device enables us to accurately monitor your driving trends and send you feedback on how you are driving.

How does it work?

The telematics device is hard-wired to your vehicle and will monitor several aspects of your driving including speed, braking, acceleration, cornering, quick changes in direction, type of road, time of day and total miles travelled. Should the device detect aggressive acceleration, braking, cornering or excessive speed an alert is sent to us to notify us of the “event”.

What if I exceed the speed limit?

There are excessive speed conditions which may/will result in cancellation or financial penalties. Firstly, if the vehicle goes over 100mph and secondly if the vehicle goes over 50% of the speed limit in 20, 30, 40 or 50mph limits and/or if you excessively speed in a 60 or 70mph limit. i.e. 10 % or more.

Can the telematics box be fitted to all cars?

Yes, fitting the box is simple, it gets installed by an approved mobile fitter and generally takes less than an hour.

When is the box installed?

It’s installed within the first 14 days of the policy becoming active, however your policy excess will be doubled until the box has been fitted. Fitting can take place Monday to Friday, between 8.30am and 5.30pm and on Saturdays between 8.30am and 4.30pm. We will call to arrange the appointment at a convenient time to suit you.

What does the telematics box look like and where does it go?

The telematics box is roughly the size of a smart phone and is fitted out of sight, usually behind your dashboard, it has no effect on the general operation of your car.

If i was involved in an accident and the telematics box was damaged, would i have to pay for another one?

In most cases the telematics box is fitted behind the dashboard and therefore it is very unlikely to be damaged in a minor crash. However, if the box was damaged, it is unlikely you would have to pay for a replacement, as the cost of the new box would be covered by the insurance as part of the claim.

What happens if i forget to take my documents with me to the fitting?

To prevent us cancelling your policy unnecessarily, please contact us on 0333 366 0052 as soon as the box has been fitted. You’ll then need to send the outstanding documents within a week by one of the following ways:

email: info@girlsdrivebetter.com

Post: 2 Saddlers Court, Oakham Office Park, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 7GH.

Please include your name and reference number on the top right hand side of the documents. You do not have to send originals – copies are fine!

How do I get cheaper insurance with the telematics box?

Because you have chosen to have a black box installed the Insurance Company has given you a significant discount on the basis your driving behaviour is good. We use the latest telematics technology to build a picture of your driving, including your attitude to risk and hazard perception. Then after every journey you’ll receive driving feedback via your App on your driving trends including speed, acceleration, braking, cornering and swerving. Providing you don’t have any poor driving events your premium won’t increase. At renewal if your driving has been excellent the insurer may give you an extra bit of discount!

How do you calculate my insurance premium?

To calculate your initial starting price we use some of the standard risk/rating factors, including your car, driving experience and address.

Is there an additional charge for the telematics box?

No, our quotation includes the cost for the box itself and for the fitting of it into your car for the first installation and the airtime and monitoring software.

Why do quotes from different insurers vary so much?

Car insurers generally use around 20 different rating factors to determine the annual premiums they offer. The major factors being age, driving experience, where you live, what car you drive and if anyone else drives the car. We are different from other insurers because by using the telematics box we are able to understand you as an individual driver and are able to review your premium based on the way you drive.

Can I drive before the box has been fitted?

Yes, you are insured from your policy start date, even if your box has not yet been installed. The telematics box provider will contact you to arrange fitting of the box, fitting usually takes place within two to three weeks.

Are there mileage restrictions on this policy?

The box records the number of miles your vehicle has travelled. Your premium would have been calculated based on the annual mileage declared at the start of policy. Should you exceed your mileage allowance or if your predicted mileage is likely to exceed the monthly average amount of miles (this is based on the amount you declared as your annual mileage) you will be required to purchase top up miles or the policy will be cancelled. We will contact you if you appear to be exceeding your limit.

The law has changed recently allowing insurers to send out electronic documents. Your policy and other important documents, including your certificate of insurance, will be emailed to you once you have taken the policy out.

What if I change my car or cancel the policy?

If you change your car, you don’t need to cancel your policy, but you do need to let us know so we can update your policy details. Provided we are able to insure your new car, it will need to be fitted with a telematics box. We will remove the box from your old vehicle and simply install it into your new one, at a cost, plus any additional premium due to the adjustment. If you cancel your policy before the end of the first year, a charge will apply to cover the cost of the telematics box and its fitting. For full details of fees relating to changing your car or cancelling your policy, please see the terms of business agreement.

Can I insure a modified car?

No, and it is important that you are completely honest with us when making this declaration during your quotation as the vehicle will be inspected when you have the telematics box fitted.

Can I take the policy out in my parent’s name?

No unfortunately not as this is known as ‘fronting’. You would need to be the policyholder and a parent could be a named driver. One of the benefits of this is that you will be able to start building up your no claims discount entitlement.

Are there any curfews on this policy?

There are no curfews with us, you are free to drive when and where you like, unlike most ‘black box’ insurers. We are interested in how you are driving, not where you are going and when!

What is no claims discount (NCD)?

Insurance companies usually reward customers by offering a no claims discount for each year that you insure without a claim. Most experienced drivers have earned several years NCD, which allows them to have a lower premium, this means young drivers pay a higher price until they have a number of years driving behind them. We aim to reward the best drivers with cash rewards on how they drive, not just for how long they have driven claims free.

What happens to my NCD?

We recognise NCD in the normal way and this is applied to your insurance premium at renewal.

What data does the telematics box record?

The telematics box installed in your car records speed, acceleration, braking, cornering and swerving. We also collect data relating to the type of roads you use and your cars gps location (which may help police recover your car if it’s stolen).

How does my driving data affect my premium?

Each customer’s data is recorded for every journey to assess personal driving trends. The data is used to generate a unique driving profile. The best drivers could be rewarded, however, the worst drivers might see their premium increase.

How do you use my data?

We use personal information provided by you to manage your insurance policy. This includes underwriting and handling claims as well as issuing policy renewal documents to you. These activities may involve us releasing personal information to insurers, regulatory authorities or agents providing services on our behalf. Information relating to you and your insurance policy may also be used or shared to help prevent fraud. We may (and we may work with third parties to) check your personal information against data about you and we use this information when calculating your premium (such checks may include credit checking).

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