Telematics insurance uses technology that comes in the form of a little black box that is fitted into your car. No one will know it’s there (unless you tell them!).

The black box works together with our NEW App that you need to download once you have begun your telematics policy with us.

The box records your driving behaviour, and will monitor several aspects of your driving including speed, braking, acceleration, cornering, quick changes in direction, type of road, time of day and total miles travelled. Should the device detect aggressive acceleration, braking, cornering or excessive speed etc. an alert is sent to us so we can keep track of how you’re doing. It will send us an alert if it detects you’ve been in a crash – so we can help you straight away.

The App displays your driving behaviour, giving you readings and alerts when you driving is good or bad. The app can also tell you where your car is located should you need reminding where exactly you parked it!

The aim of telematics is simply to encourage you to drive safely, and as a reward you get cheaper car insurance.

You probably won’t hear from us, but if your driving score is poor and doesn’t improve we will be in touch to discuss your policy.

Important info

We will contact you with regards to your driving if your score is “Poor” or “Bad”. We will request that an immediate improvement is made to ensure your score and overall driving improves. If no improvement is made, we will look to impose an additional premium or cancel the policy. We may also consider this action if there is/are any “Event(s)” that we deem excessive and/or three or more “Events” occur in any 30-day period.

There are excessive speed conditions which may/will result in cancellation or financial penalties. Firstly, if the vehicle goes over 100 mph and secondly if the vehicle goes over 50% of the speed limit in 20, 30, 40 or 50mph limits and/or if you excessively speed in a 60 or 70 mph limit. i.e. 10 % or more.

The box records the number of miles your vehicle has travelled. Your premium would have been calculated based on the annual mileage declared at the start of policy. Should you exceed your mileage allowance or If your predicted mileage is likely to exceed the monthly average amount of miles (this is based on the amount you declared as your annual mileage) you will be required to purchase top up miles or the policy will be cancelled. We will contact you if you appear to be exceeding your limit.

Should the telematics device detect a sudden and significant “bump” it will assume an accident could have occurred and will generate an “alert” to our claims call centre who will try and make contact with you to see if you need assistance.

Your cars location is visible from your App should you require an exact location please use this feature to establish the exact position and latitude and longitude. Please note a limit applies to the number of times you can “ping” for your position, thereafter a small charge may apply.

1. Keep checking the app

The app is there to help you assess your driving data frequently, so you can make sure you are driving safely and within the limits of your policy.

2. Cornering

Always bear in mind your speed when cornering, especially when driving on unfamiliar roads.

Don’t presume that it is acceptable to drive around corners at great speed if you are familiar with the area. You black box will not be aware of your familiarity.

3. Braking

Always leave enough space between you and the vehicle in front so if they do stop suddenly for whatever reason, you also have enough time to slow down/stop.

Remember: The 2 second gap!

Did you know?! The typical stopping distance at 30mph is 6 car lengths!! And this increases to 24 car lengths at 70mph!!!

4. Speeding

Easy enough…watch your speed! Take your time.

5. Acceleration

If you’re setting off from a stationary position keep your revs low.

6. Education

The box and app are there to educate, not penalise. Ensure that you pay attention if you are educated, the information you will receive is invaluable!

7. Maintenance

Ensure that your car is regularly maintained for the best possible performance.

8. Anticipate

Look ahead for any possible risks that could occur and plan in advance how to deal with them so you do not panic last minute.

9. No sudden movements

Take your time and ensure the road is clear and safe to make your manoeuvre. Slow and steady wins the race!!

10. Be safe

Do not eat, drink or use your mobile phone whilst driving. It isn’t worth the risk…or the £100 penalty if you are caught!!

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NEW app to help you keep track
Keeps you safe
Helps you improve
Alerts us if you’ve had a crash
Locates your lost car

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