Hitting rush hour traffic can be very frustrating, we know – we’ve all been there. But we have come up with some top tips for driving in that dreaded rush hour!

Plan your journey

Timing is key! If possible, avoid rush hour times. These rush hours vary but are usually between 7.30 and 9.30am and again between 5.00 and 6.30pm. These tend to be the times that people are commuting to and from work and school so the roads can get fairly busy. 

Plan your route carefully and avoid congested times if possible – it’ll save you stress as well as petrol!
Look further ahead
Take a look down the road ahead of you to see what is happening, this will help increase your chances of anticipating changes in the traffic. This will also give you time to avoid problems that may cause accidents.
Stay calm
Don’t get angry, there is nothing you can do about the traffic. If are late for something like work just give them a call and explain the situation, if you are stuck in traffic there is no where you can go.
Turn on the radio
Listen out for traffic and travel updates or listen to some music to keep yourself entertained. Make sure that you stay concentrated on the roads because traffic could start moving again at any time. 

Make sure that you look out for emergency service vehicles like ambulances and make sure to give them plenty of room.