Telematics technology comes in a little black box that is fitted into your car. Your friends won’t know it’s there – unless you tell them!

The box looks at your driving behaviour, based on your speed, how sharply you drive around corners, how hard you slam on the brakes and how quickly you run through the gears. Each journey is given a ‘traffic light’ rating of red, amber or green.

You can login to the driving portal at any time to check out how well you are driving and see if there are any areas that you could improve on.

Don’t worry; the box is there just to check how safely you are driving, not to spy on what you are up to or who you are with.

If you drive safely you probably won’t hear from us, but if you collect consistent red journeys we will contact you to discuss how you need to change your driving behaviour to avoid the possibility of financial penalties.

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