A chip in a windscreen occurs when a small object like a small rock impacts it, nicking the glass and causing a small damaged spot. This can be extremely annoying and stressful so we have created a post which tells you all your need to know and what to do in this situation.

Why does it happen? 

This can happen when tyres of other car’s fling debris behind them or sometimes small rocks can fall out of lorries or other vehicles
A chip in the windscreen can be hard to spot but usually people will know when it happens as you can hear a loud popping sound of the impact.

How to fix it?
Even if the damage seems minor it is very important that you get the chip repaired as soon as possible. If debris and dirt get into the chip it will make the repair much harder to fix. Using your windscreen wipes and even the weather can make the chip worse.
Firstly you will need to call someone to come out to repair the chip which can be done by most windscreen repair technicians.
Firstly they will inspect the windscreen and look at the size and type of the chip. They will then clean the area of the chip and then seal the chip with a special resin material. This resin will dry clear and blends in with the windscreen.
The cost
The cost of this repair is usually covered by comprehensive insurance plans, because insurance companies value the logic of repairing small chips before they become large, expensive problems.
If you are insured with us and have got a chip in your windscreen call us now on 0333 366 0714 and we’ll help you out!